Pool Covers, Reels & Winterization

All-weather pool solutions for seasonal conditions

Keep pools clean, clear and free from debris.

Pool covers are the first line of defense when it comes to properly maintaining a swimming pool or spa. They’ll not only save you and your customers valuable time and energy when it comes to cleaning out debris and bacteria from scum and algae, but they also help protect pools from damage and conserve water by preventing it from evaporating. Depending on the type of covers you use, they’ll even act as a shield against those walking too close for comfort, whether it’s softening their fall or keeping them from falling in altogether. 

At Bel-Aqua, we offer a wide selection of wholesale pool covers, including traditional pool covers, winter-ready and solar-heating pool covers, and automatic pool covers with reels.

Customers love our automatic pool covers and reels because they come ready-equipped with safety mechanisms in place to help prevent accidents from happening while minimizing the wear and tear pools face with heavy use and extreme weather conditions. 

We carry pool and spa covers from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including brands such as Coverstar, Cover Pools, APC, and Aquamatic. We offer the best in safety, convenience, and design — to help you deliver a superior customer experience.

Let your customers spend more time enjoying their pool and less time maintaining it.